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2 years ago#1
I basically have the budget for about 600 dollars of monitors. I want at least two. This has more to do with programming than my desire for an amazing gaming setup, but I want the best of both worlds.

I have a setup such that, with a long HDMI cable, I can connect my computer to a 50" plasma if I wanted to. It's what I'm currently using, in fact, because I have nothing else.

I'm looking at the following (and am open to equivalents if I see good enough deals float by -- I have till August to decide):

ASUS VG248QE ($250)

Asus VE247H ($150)

1.) I can get two of the nicer monitors. If the lack of a central monitor bothers me, I can do the (odd) setup of making my plasma the middle monitor. Not sure if that would work well, but it's a possibility. (Or I can just /not/ use one of the monitors for some games, but that feels like a waste.)

2.) Alternatively, I can get one nice monitor and two okay ones. I'm leaning toward this one.

I am 100% new to this (just built my first gaming PC), so any advice you can give me would be great. I'm using a 2GB GTX 770. I'm aware that isn't the best for multi monitor gaming.
2 years ago#2
I have a ton of monitors but I just picked up 3x of the Dell Ultrasharp 24" 1080p panels. They are only $300 a panel so that's right in your price range.

They come pre calibrated pretty good with low delta e's and good gamma values. After you tune them though..they really shine. It is unreal what money can buy you these days on the cheap. That coupled with the stand was just over $1000 and was the best grand I've spent on my PC in a while. They aren't winning any awards at that price they will work.

I fully expect people to say 1440P and blah blah blah but for me the UI elements are just to small. I tried one of the 4K monitors for a bit and it was just useless.

I plan on getting 3x of the Dell Ultrasharp 24" 4K monitors as soon as Windows allows for proper scaling. I want a 1080 screen just much much sharper. Not smaller elements lol.
2 years ago#3
You do realise that Windows has long allowed you to adjust UI scaling in the display settings right?
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2 years ago#4
Indeed it does, had it since the dawn of time. Not what I am looking for though. I am literally looking to run a 4K panel with the SAME size elements as 1080. Many programs won't scale right either. It is just a mess right now, best to wait it out.
2 years ago#5
Garage_Man posted...
They are only $300 a panel so that's right in your price range.

I do like that monitor too. I'd probably get more IPS panels to match if I did the three monitor setup, probably something like...
2 years ago#6
Whatever you choose, I strongly advise you to pick multiple monitors of the same type, rather than going with a variety of different models. If need be, buy the first monitor, and then add the second when you get a bit more money.

Unless you calibrate them exceedingly well, monitors of a different type and brand will look different next to each other -- the colors, the contrast and so forth. Making your eyes adjust switching back and forth is a recipe for a headache.
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2 years ago#7

Oh look..they dropped the nice. These are what I got. They all look the same, no color issues or black shifting.

Read some reviews....TRUST ME...I WENT CHEAP ON MY MONITORS BEFORE! DON'T DO IT! Until recently I had NO idea what I was missing out in. I see people talk about needing ultra graphics and tbh the jump from my older panel to some of my new ones feels like playing a game to being completely immersed. Way bigger than the jump from medium to ultra imo.

Just do a lot if research. You'll probably have these a few years. Best to get exactly what you want and be happy then get what works and be content.
2 years ago#8
That's currently one of my top two contenders, worry not. I like the look of IPS panels quite a bit.

SampsonM posted...
Whatever you choose, I strongly advise you to pick multiple monitors of the same type, rather than going with a variety of different models.

That's part of why I'm looking at an Asus with an Asus, and a Dell with another Dell. I understand that they'd still look different (similar sizes, but different specs), but /hopefully/ they'd match up slightly better than an Asus and a Acer together.

At the same time, I feel you're right. I should probably go with two nice monitors instead of three inconsistent ones.
2 years ago#9
I noticed the Dell is in love with DisplayPort. Do you daisy chain, or what?
2 years ago#10
Asus MX239H. They're HDMI only but come with a DVI to HDMI converter so you should have no problems. I have one, excellent picture, no noticeable latency. Also looks really nice (the chassis/frame). About $200 or so, 3 of 'em fit your budget exactly. They're also IPS so they've got a crazy viewing angle.
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