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Are there "universal" water cooling blocks for GPUs?

#1KJay489Posted 6/11/2014 10:21:43 AM
Or do I have to wait for a custom waterblock to fit my particular GPU?
#2El_KazPosted 6/11/2014 1:00:11 PM
Not universal, no.
Although older blocks will sometime fit on newer cards even if they're not listed as compatible. The only way to find out is to look around online for personal accounts regarding specific block/card combinations.
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#3KillerTrufflePosted 6/11/2014 1:16:21 PM
GPUs can have a much wider variety of layouts than CPUs, so universal isn't really feasible. Cards will change layout from model to model, generation to generation, or brand to brand, so you pretty much have to have something that will fit the specific make and model of the card you're looking at.
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#4KJay489(Topic Creator)Posted 6/11/2014 1:25:08 PM
What are the chances of a "full cover" GPU waterblock for a reference PCB not fitting on a third party GPU? i.e. Will a waterblock designed for a reference R9 290 fit a XFX R9 290 with their own aftermarket cooler?