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PSU question

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User Info: Flexasaurus

2 years ago#1
So I just built my new PC and I noticed my Corsair TX850M fan wasn't spinning at all. I was freaking till I read that these PSUs have a fanless mode when running at low power usage/cool temp.

My question how can I push my PSU to the max to make sure the fan is working? I tried running prime for an hour but that didn't do much.

User Info: mrtywer

2 years ago#2
Moar grafix cradz.

For real, though, having a lot of peripherals will cause a higher power drain - using inefficient, older hard drives can use more power - MOLEX vs Sata power...
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User Info: Flexasaurus

2 years ago#3

Not sure what else I could add to it.

PC Specs

GTX 670
Asrock Z77 Extreme3

I'm guessing the PSU is too OP for the rest of my specs to do much damage.

User Info: KillerTruffle

2 years ago#4
Even loading CPU and GPU to their max TDP, you're not likely to be using over 300-350W, so no, you're nowhere *close* to that PSU's maximum. Short of adding more power hungry components, I'm not sure how you could max your PSU out.
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