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Games that you can put a lot of hours into?

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2 years ago#21
Check out Starbound if you liked Terraria
2 years ago#22
Mostly online multiplayer games. But honestly any game within the following genres are the ones I have poured hundreds (ok, so maybe thousands) of hours into.

-Action RPG

I think these are the ones that traditionally people play tons. Usually (but not always) to keep it interesting the games need to have some kind of online component to keep people entertained.
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2 years ago#23
Lemur_H posted...
ARMA 3 - 128 hours
ARMA 2 - A hell of a lot more than 3
Borderlands 2 - 192 hours
Dark Souls - 78 hours
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - 52 hours
Dungeon Defenders - 131 hours - I actually don't recommend this one. The developers destroyed it with constant DLC releases.
Morrowind - 44 hours, or so Steam says. I've been playing this game long before I ever bought it on Steam.
Oblivion - 120 hours
Skyrim - 426 hours
New Vegas - 115 hours
Far Cry 3 - 98 hours - All single player.

Garry's Mod - 109 hours
Just Cause 2 - 37 hours
Killing Floor - 48 hours
Left 4 Dead 2 - 81 hours
PAYDAY - 41 hours
Call of Pripyat - 87 hours
Clear Sky - 27 hours
Shadow of Chernobyl - 73 hours

Saints Row 3 - 59 hours
Civlization V - 94 hours
Space Engineers - 21 hours
Terraria - 205 hours

I would love to see your mod lists for the bolded titles.
2 years ago#24
Civilization V
FTL: Faster Than Light
Counter Strike: Global Offensive
The Elder Scrolls
Day One: Garry's Incident
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2 years ago#25
LordOfLegacies posted...
I would love to see your mod lists for the bolded titles.

You're going to be disappointed... :(

ARMA 2 - just STMovement when dedicated servers allow it. Maybe the WarFX : Blastcore (improved particle effects) and an improved audio mod if I feel like downloading the packages for it.

Morrowind - just high resolution texture packs that improve weapons and armor. Improve, rather than replace entirely... I don't like what some people do to textures... Some other "modifications" to improve stability.

Skyrim - high resolution textures, static mesh improvement, water and terrain enhancement, real glaciers, better embers, kill moves - no blur, upgrade leveled items, random alternate start, unread books glow, enhanced blood textures, no spinning death animation, enhanced soundtrack, skyui

New Vegas - modifications to help with stability.

Far Cry 3 - usually none. Maybe a mod to unlock wingsuit at the beginning of the game.

Call of Pripyat - either Complete or a series of AtmosFear and Absolute Textures mods. Typically stuff made my Cromm. I haven't gotten around to play Misery. Saving that one for the future. ^^

Clear Sky - just Complete.

Shadow of Chernobyl - just Complete. Tried other mods, couldn't get into them.

Civilization V - no mods. Haven't messed with that games modding community. Yet...

Not a huge modder... I can often find enjoyment in a game without messing with it.
2 years ago#26
Mount and Blade
2 years ago#27
Osu (rhythm game). The amount of content keeps growing and growing.
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2 years ago#28
I'd say any of Bethesda's open world games.
Civ 5
Garry's Mod can clock some hours, but it's hit or miss. some people love it some don't.
Team Fortress 2 is great and free!
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2 years ago#29
Counter-Strike | |
2 years ago#30
Pretty much any MMO will have you spending hundreds, if not thousands of hours.
I personally have spent over 3000 hours playing World of Warcraft. A couple other good ones are Rift and Guild Wars 2. PlanetSide 2 is pretty awesome as well. If you're into MOBAs League of Legends, Dota 2, and Smite are pretty much the big ones right now. Honestly it really depends what kind of genre you're into.
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