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If you dont already have Just Cause 2, get it now.

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1 year ago#1
Seriously, there is no excuse for not getting it.
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1 year ago#2
Holy s*** that's a great deal.
Games. That is all.
1 year ago#3
too expensive
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1 year ago#4
Terrible game.
1 year ago#5
Got it for $7.49 in the winter sale. Don't regret it at all.

Make sure to pick up JC2MP if you get the base game.

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1 year ago#6
You could prolly get it for free here
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1 year ago#7
I'm going to play it right now!
Fragrance of Dark Coffee
1 year ago#8
Terrible negative mouse acceleration.

inb4 it's weird and somehow impossible to use M&K in a 3rd person game
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1 year ago#9
Consoles are cheaper so i don't mind paying $60 for games. I don't need awesome open world games with the best possible graphics even if it's just $3... MUCK THAT!!
Combo Master
1 year ago#10
What if I find the game boring? The whole world is full of nothing. I dunno why people think size is great when the whole thing is just.... empty. Although flying and doing stunts is pretty amusing.

And what side stuff is there to do? Blow up faction buildings? Hmmm.
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  3. If you dont already have Just Cause 2, get it now.

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