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Should I upgrade my gpu?

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User Info: Super_trunkx

2 years ago#1
im currently on i7 3770k and radeon 7850 2gb should I upgrade to a R9 270X, 4GB ? Will I see a good improvement and how would this new card run next gen games? Radeon 7850 is slowly starting to show its age.
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User Info: PhilOnDez

2 years ago#2
The 270x doesn't have the memory bandwidth to properly utilize 4 gigs of ram. It also isn't that much faster than what you have, it's basically a 7870 with an OC vs your 7850. I'd either spend more or hold off if you want to get your money's worth.
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User Info: Requiem

2 years ago#3
Unless you're willing to buy a 290, I don't think you'll see an appreciable difference worth your money.
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User Info: Garage_Man

2 years ago#4
290s are stupid cheap on eBay. If they ever break who cares, toss it and get another. Even 780s can be had for around the 400 mark and a TI 600ish. 7950/7970 are also real cheap.

User Info: ArkonBlade

2 years ago#5
Not going to be much of a power boost. so might as well stick with what you got for now.

If you are going to upgrade and want a bigger improvement save up for a R9 280, 290 or GTX 770 or 780
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User Info: fire2box

2 years ago#6
only if you want to run 1080p+ @ maxed out settings.

I got a 7870 and im fine with running high settings in most games. I needed to bump it to medium for Watch Dogs but we all know that game is %&# and its getting exposed even more now.
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