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Your Reaction: Valve buys Capcom

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11 months ago#21
I'd buy Breath of Fire IV. I mean, it was released for PC after all but doesn't seem to be digitally distributed anywhere.
11 months ago#22
Yay, PC ports!

But what if EA bought Capcom?
11 months ago#23
Ivany2008 posted...
As I've said before in another topic today. The company needs to be bought out by a company with a clear vision as to where the different franchises need to be headed, or bought out and shut down with the games divided amongst other companies.

MM- Inafune(obvious it should go back to the creator)

DMC - Platinum Games(they created Bayonetta, which is very similar in style to DMC)

Street Fighter - SNK(assuming they are still around, so we can see a new Street Fighter/SNK game)

Darkstalkers - Arc Works(Guilty Gear/Blazblu)

Ghosts and Goblins - Humble Hearts(Dust, an Elysian Tail) or Crazy Viking Studios(Volgarr the Viking), honestly I think Crazy Viking could do it justice.

Res Evil can just go back to Tose, who made Revelations.

Ace Attorney - Level-5(Professor Layton Series)

I'm sure there are many more, but honestly I don't know who would be best to reboot the other series.

I haven't tried Bayonetta.. don't own a wii and my 360 broke (stupid rrod) not to mention i'm broke right now too. XD
But I did try their other game MGR:revengeance, and I really didn't like it. Didn't feel like DMC at all.
So hopefully bayonetta and mgr is very different (i wish bayonetta came to pc)
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11 months ago#24
Monster Hunter games on PC that are not emulated or a Japanese MMO... Okay!
11 months ago#25
Yayyyy, we will get Megaman, after half life 3 confirmed.
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11 months ago#26
Well... I mean... Kay?
I don't think it will happen as Capcom is Japanese, and Valve isn't.
Still, It's an... Interesting idea.
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11 months ago#27

Didn't see that coming!
11 months ago#28
Anger. I'd rather Cashcom bankrupts
11 months ago#29
I don't think Valve would buy Capcom.

I'd think it was a late April Fools joke or something.
11 months ago#30
stupid topic
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