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First purchase of the 2014 Steam Sale :D

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User Info: DolemiteXP

2 years ago#1
Xcom Enemy Within
Shanahan!!! Yuse got some SPLAININ ta do!!!

User Info: cynicwithin2000

2 years ago#2
Dead Rising 3 preorder.
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User Info: pwnater777

2 years ago#3
Witcher 1: EE.
"That's NASCAR tactics."
"Opinions are like magnets, nobody knows how they work." - Foppe

User Info: kill2this

2 years ago#4
Payday 2 DLCs

User Info: langystar

2 years ago#5
hotline miami
Blue Falcon Actual, Jimmy Amos

User Info: Maximoom

2 years ago#6
Didnt happened yet.
Asus P8H61-MLE/BR | i5 3470 3.2Ghz | Zotac GTX 760 2GB | 8GB DDR3-1333 | 1TB HDD | C3TEC 500Rve 500W Bronze | Samsung 32" LCD 1080p.

User Info: Englandfc1966

2 years ago#7
Don't Starve
Steam: Buffalosoulja

User Info: GiSS88

2 years ago#8
Nothing. Was tempted by Dead Island Riptide, but I don't think I'd have anyone to play with.
PSN: NoJ87
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User Info: Rhyten

2 years ago#9
Far cry 3 blood dragon.
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3DS FC: 4313 1109 4662

User Info: Mackorov

2 years ago#10
battlefield 4
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