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First purchase of the 2014 Steam Sale :D

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2 years ago#131
Max Payne 3!
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2 years ago#132
Witcher 1+2
Don't Starve
The Last Remnant
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Pack
2 years ago#133
Hotline Miami, Xcom
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2 years ago#134
looks like Divinity II: Developer's Cut, I already have most of the better games on PC or console already. I almost have the urge to buy games I already have because it feels like such a good deal. lol
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2 years ago#135
SleepComa posted...
I Have No Money, and I Must Steam
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2 years ago#136
democracy 3 and expansions

hey in todays poll what would steam keys through humble bundle count ? i have like 20 ive never put in
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2 years ago#137
Hate Plus
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2 years ago#138
It's a trick, get an axe.
2 years ago#139
Star Wars Battlefront 2, Dawn of War Soulstorm and while it was before the sale I will include Just Cause 2.
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2 years ago#140
divinity and hotline
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