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What have you bought from the Steam Summer Sale so far?

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User Info: pwnater777

2 years ago#71
The Witcher (1): Enhanced Edition

I know for sure that I will buy the Fallout Classics Collection, but the current deal goes until the final day of the sale, so I have plenty of time to see about an even bigger discount.
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User Info: DriveBy5173

2 years ago#72
Just got Papers Please for $3 which has been my first purchase.

I am hoping payday 2 wins the vote so I can get a couple of those as well.

User Info: claytonbuckley

2 years ago#73
Risk of Rain

Nothing else i care about so far
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User Info: CatalystGuitar18

2 years ago#74
Mirror's Edge
Shadowrun Returns

I'm holding out for AC4 - Black Flag, Wolfenstein: New Order, and Ether: One.
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User Info: lightsout06

2 years ago#75
Torchlight 2
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User Info: ph33r1es5

2 years ago#76
Witcher 2. Waiting to see if Mass Effect 2 gets 75% or more.
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User Info: ghstbstr

2 years ago#77
Besides from what I had already posted which was The Bureau: XCOM Declassified with all of the dlc, I also got RAGE with The Scorchers dlc, and Far Cry 3 Deluxe Edition.
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User Info: Nenina

2 years ago#78
Transistor 60% off. If I had been 5 minutes late I would have missed it.

User Info: BadDecisions

2 years ago#79
100% Orange Juice 4-Pack
E.Y.E. 4-Pack
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User Info: bikeblaster

2 years ago#80
Euro Truck Simulator 2 for 85% off.
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  3. What have you bought from the Steam Summer Sale so far?

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