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Is this normal? bought half life complete and received extra games on steam

#1ServantOfErieosPosted 6/20/2014 2:10:37 AM
I bought half life complete on sale and suddenly witcher 1 shows up in my library. ( I do have the second game.) Team fortress classic also shows up.
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#2Dirk85UKPosted 6/20/2014 2:36:26 AM
The Gabester has blessed you with extra games.
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#3TimePharaohPosted 6/20/2014 2:41:22 AM
You mean the game that comes with the pack came with the pack?

#4Blobs_Posted 6/20/2014 2:59:49 AM
Same thing happened to me when I bought the valve complete pack, only I got another copy of half life 2 (which was giftable).

I think it's a luck based thing.
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#5ServantOfErieos(Topic Creator)Posted 6/20/2014 3:44:17 AM
wow, so this isn't some error?
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#6InferiorPeasantPosted 6/20/2014 3:48:18 AM
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#7Jeh64Posted 6/20/2014 3:59:40 AM