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I sign in to my friend's Steam account on my computer, and I get a virus as soon

#11ajko000(Topic Creator)Posted 6/22/2014 5:29:21 PM(edited)
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What I want to know is, how the **** did this happen? I didn't know anything could be transferred in such a manner. ?

... It can't. The problem's on your end, not his. It's not like you download his Steam folder when you log into his account or something -_-

I had done a virus scan the day before as well, so I know it wasn't there prior.

Good for you, doesn't prove your friend's infected Steam folder magically teleported to your hard drive. The situation you're describing just can't happen. Either you or whoever else has access to your PC is guaranteed to be at fault here, as much as you don't want to admit it.

Nobody uses my computer except me, I know this for a fact, I always shut it off after I'm done, and I have a 20 character password consisting of only numbers. He doesn't have protection, so he wouldn't know if he has it, and every time he boots up his computer he gets a bunch of ads and has a bunch of useless processes running. It's not his infected folder or file that somehow teleported itself to my computer, but rather, his vulnerability to infection possibly making its way to my computer through Steam. I blocked it and got rid of it, I'm just wondering how it happened. I'm saying, is it possible that his account could have been afflicted with this infection, thus whenever activated spreading it to whatever it wanted and or was able to once that account was logged in to?
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