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Survival - Simulation - Horror - RPG - Strategy Hybrid recommendations

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2 years ago#1
tl;dr - Read the first and last paragraph.

I love games where you are thrown into a strange unknown world and need to gather materials, find shelter, and avoid (and fight) enemies to survive. I like to feel immersion and I embrace permadeath/no reloading. The reason I am making this thread is because a countless number of these games seem to exist atm in alpha-stage/indie form. Many have high user reviews from groups of dedicated fans, and lack professional reviews. I cannot dish out $$$ to try out 5-10 different games right now. Just to list a few that sound promising - Rust, the Forest, Banished (more simcity-like I guess), Kenshi, 7 days to die, Planet Explorers, etc.

I've played a few games with these elements and enjoyed most of them, but all seem to be missing one or more things to truly satisfy my cravings. These games are: state of decay, project zomboid, minecraft, terraria, dwarf fortress, Fallout 3 and NV (somewhat less related, but w/e). I give my own impression of these games for those interested.

State-of-decay - I liked it for its open-world variability, rpg-elements, and teamwork, but did not like how it was heavily scripted and how many of the mechanics felt unnatural. Also, base-building and defending was awesome, but still heavily scripted. These cons tend to ruin the immersion for me

Minecraft and Terraria are great survival games, but are missing a sense of urgency and excitement. I usually only panic when I am trapped in a cave with multiple enemies. Usually, I can just build a little underground den with a door and not really worry about anything getting in. I'm only truly at risk when I want to move forward in the game (ie mining for diamond gear or building a portal to another dimension). For these types of games, I would like to sit in a cave and stare at the door or look out the windows with a sludgehammer in hand, praying to get through the night.

Project Zomboid was pretty awesome. It was maybe the more unnerving and difficult game out of the bunch. It would be nice to have better graphics than the game currently offers though. I also think a game like this would benefit from first-person as the player literally cannot see zombies straight ahead that are 50 feet away. Also, the various bugs of the game really took away from the immersion. It was great that players could chance the settings (fast vs. slow zombies, little vs. much loot, water/power shutoff schedule, etc), as these things let the player tailor the game to their liking and increases replayability.

Fallout games are awesome, but the simulation aspect is nearly non-existent (in the base-building survival sense) without the use of mods, which are pretty limited and buggy.

I really liked dwarf fortress and many would probably yell at me for lumping it in the same category, but I feel like it is very similar. A few dwarves are thrown out into the open, and you design your base and assign jobs to survive and be sustainable. The game autosaves and many, many dangers are present (especially as time goes on). The graphics are very.... basic, but I think this allows the game to run smoothly given the fact that the world is large, has many units moving around at a time, and has many layers below ground level.

Is there like an obvious choice for me? Like I mentioned, its difficult for me to sort through the fanboyism and the sheer amount of options available on Steam atm. Anyone have any good recommendations? Simulation, immersion, and survival is a MUST. Cooperation (multiple chars), horror, strategy, and RPG elements are pluses. Thanks for reading!
2 years ago#2
2 years ago#3
Also - something I consider a pro in today's world is a dev team that is making good progress if the game is in alpha/unfinished.
2 years ago#4
NEO Scavenger is just what you need.

2 years ago#5
Thanks for the replies. 1 vote for RUST and neo scavenger. I actually hadn't heard of the latter game. Looks pretty good - its always a good sign when the most helpful Steam reviews have 10-30+ hrs at least. Shows that people like it good enough to keep playing.
2 years ago#6
2 years ago#7
Did you not get Neo Scavenger? It's only $10, I don't see how you can lose.

2 years ago#8
Don't Starve
2 years ago#9
STALKER SHoC with OGSE uber-overhaul
STALKER CoP with Massive Simulation Overhaul, AI-radius corpse detect maxed

2 years ago#10
The Forest
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