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Steam Sale so far

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1 year ago#1
I got Sid Meier's Civilization V: Brave New World, Gone Home, Kairo, Jazzpunk, Master Reboot and XCOM: Enemy Within. What did you get?
1 year ago#2
nothign, because like everyu other stema sale i already own the games i would play
1 year ago#3
South Park: Stick of Truth, Wolf Among Us, The Swapper, Risk of Rain, Rouge Legacy, and Papers Please.
1 year ago#4
Rogue Legacy, Risk of Rain, Hitman: Absolution,

Deciding on PayDay 2
1 year ago#5
Just Skyrim for now
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1 year ago#6
I put 100$ in my inventory two days ago. I have 40.33 left and have not added anymore funds.

In those two days I have acquired :

AC IV Black Flag Gold Edition (season pass + bonuses included)
AC Liberation + DLC
The Banner Saga
Batman Arkham Origins + Season Pass + Black Mask Challenge Map Pack
Castle Crashers + DLC
Battleblock Theatre
Payday 2
Shadow Warrior
3 x Company of Heroes 2 commanders I was missing

I've made out quite well so far I must say, considering two days especially lol. Love wheeling and dealing. Considering what else to buy. Plus my PCs GPU came in today. Joy.
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The passion of lovers is for death
1 year ago#7
i am angry i was going to buy a game and i saw it at 66 % off and bought it then next day it was at 75 % off but so far is a god catch for my first steam sale
1 year ago#8
Fear 2, Fear 3, Boarderlands 1 & 2, Cabellas big game hunter, Midnight Club II, Resident Evil 4, Bioshock Infinite season pass.

I'll probably get a few more things. I personally think its hilarious that I've spent more on PSN and got 4x the amount of games to show for it; that's just from this year too.
1 year ago#9
dont strave
risk of rain 4 pack
lego the hobbit
payday 2 + weapon DLC's
multiple BL2 DLC's skins and headhunters for me and friends and UBHM2 for a friend.
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Only spent 40 dollars or so.
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1 year ago#10
I got Payday 2 and thats it.
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