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Tomb Raider or Dishondered

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User Info: Bmvc1

2 years ago#41
ServantOfErieos posted...

just get Dishonored.
It's by far, the more polished experience.

This made me literally laugh out loud. Thank you.

User Info: Vordrax

2 years ago#42
I personally enjoyed Dishonored more. Tomb Raider's QTEs bored me to the point that I haven't bothered finishing the game. If you play Dishonored, I recommend playing "murder all lifeforms" style first before going nonlethal.
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User Info: Asellus

2 years ago#43
I'll say Dishonored for two reasons.

#1: I absolutely loved it.

#2: Tomb Raider's ridiculous amounts of drunken camera bobbing invariably made me thoroughly nauseous every time I tried to play it.
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