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Your PC and card specs? will you plan on upgrading anytime soon?

#41PR_FiascoPosted 7/1/2014 12:47:25 AM
My comp's around 2 years old, and I'll probably upgrade the gpu. Spent around 1k on it, maybe a bit more.

i5 3570k
GTX 670 2gb
8gb RAM
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#42BoxerBrutePosted 7/1/2014 1:22:11 AM
Phenom II X4 965
HD 7770
Windows Vista SP2

I'm really tempted on building a whole new rig with an Fx-8350 or the i5-4590 but my instinct tells me to wait for Skylake/Skybridge.
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#43Explicit DankPosted 7/1/2014 2:34:45 AM
i5 2450p
8gb ram
650ti 2gb

Couple years old. Will upgrade again probably next year.
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#44thegreatsquarePosted 7/1/2014 4:35:09 AM
My laptop: [Sig]
I7 720qm 1.6-2,8GHz
Mobility HD 5870 800/1100MHz
6GB 1333MHz
750GB Hybrid HDD
1600x900 resolution

I plan on upgrading in the next 6-18 months [aka: 2015]
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