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About to start Skyrim, what to expect or bear in mind?

#21cancerstormPosted 7/1/2014 10:23:48 AM
easy game so just play it
#22El_KazPosted 7/1/2014 10:28:28 AM
ClassicRich posted...
Also now I know how to beat the troll, assuming I get to understand how to get fire enchanments at that moment :D

Yeah, the thing about the troll is-

TimePharaoh posted...
It's a video game. Play it. Jesus this is an embarrassing topic.

Oh damn too late, he's here already!
Wait... what?
#23AxtlarPosted 7/1/2014 10:40:52 AM
Get mods. Check the Nexus for what you'd like, but make sure you get the patches.
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#24ClouddxPosted 7/1/2014 10:43:48 AM
Expect to be playing a bad game.
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#25ClassicRich(Topic Creator)Posted 7/1/2014 11:13:47 AM
Uh the topic was nice and then these people like TimePharaoh pop out. How annoying
#26MahoganyTooth92Posted 7/1/2014 11:21:28 AM
I'll say it, even though it's already been said: Get SkyUI. Even if you want to play through the game Vanilla, still get SkyUI.
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#27chandl34Posted 7/1/2014 12:22:50 PM
Bring your barf bag, because the screen shakes around like your character's got parkinson's disease.
... even on Earth Mode.
#28turtlebeach21Posted 7/1/2014 1:40:54 PM
Uninstall it and Play Oblivion instead.
#29KarnRX78Posted 7/1/2014 1:50:19 PM
turtlebeach21 posted...
Uninstall it and Play Oblivion instead.

Don't listen to this guy, play Morrowwind.
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#30ryan0991Posted 7/1/2014 2:24:42 PM
ClassicRich posted...
Uh the topic was nice and then these people like TimePharaoh pop out. How annoying

Time Pharaoh has a debilitating condition that causes him to lash out at people for no reason. Best just to pity him and move on.
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