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Trying to get all the steam achievements for FF7. Question

#11r0ge00Posted 7/2/2014 2:04:30 PM
SolidManifest posted...
IIRC W-item materia is missable because you can never enter that section of the game again.

You can find it again at the dig site (Bone Village).
#12Darkcloud20Posted 7/2/2014 5:08:11 PM
SolidManifest posted...
Darkcloud20 posted...
I don't think there is much missable in those two categories outside of points where you will know that you screwed up. I can't think of anything other than teaching great gospel.

IIRC W-item or W-whatever materia is missable because you can never enter that section of the game again.

nope its not. If you miss it you can dig it up in Bone Village. The same for Bahamut Zero but missing that is an obvious screw up. You can miss the Megaphone and Missing Score and Maerchen of the ultimate weapons but those are not needed for any achievment. You need the huge materias to get the master materias after mastering all other ones but missing them is an obvious screwup.

You can miss Catastrophe too but then it is linked to a pretty obvious screw up with the huge materia. If you miss Phoenix you can dig it up in Bone Village too.

This should only leave a few materia which are all lying right in front of you but can be missed if you ignore them.

The missable items FAQ does actually list the items you can dig up in Bone Village as missable but that is not true. The bone village digging map shows that.

The other stuff from the missiabe items FAQ is all minor stuff that is mostly interesting for a perfect game file.
#13ArthasRebornPosted 7/2/2014 5:30:49 PM
Don't miss the Luck Plus materia like I did. I realised after I got everything else to max level at the final dungeon. I just gave up on the last two achievements I had left.