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dragon age origins

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User Info: RKOL3G3NDK1LL3R

2 years ago#1
its not recognizing my controller
it has no support for gamepads?:/

User Info: Kad-Man

2 years ago#2
No.... why would it it doesnt have a console menu system.

User Info: Skul_

2 years ago#3
Why would you ever want to play DA:O with a controller?
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User Info: juscallmeehx

2 years ago#4
DA:O is superior with KBM than controller.
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User Info: heeeee1eeeee

2 years ago#5
Peasant alert
Who needs a SigNaTuRe!

User Info: rwarden90

2 years ago#6
yea i found out this the hard way mysef. I guess being elite it hunched over a keyboard

User Info: Ningishzida

2 years ago#7
heeeee1eeeee posted...
Peasant alert

User Info: sauruschamp1

2 years ago#8
yer the pc version was made quite a bit different to the console version so that a controller wouldn't really work any more. I like it when games aren't just straight up ports as they actually thought which would be better for each instance. And I really was surprised at how well the console version works as my first thought of the game with a controller was that would never work.
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