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Who else ISN'T excited for Dragon Age Inquisition?

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2 years ago#81
Didn't like any of them so not really looking forward to this
2 years ago#82
I'm pretty excited for it. Not so much that I'm "gay" for it, but definitely excited.
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2 years ago#83
Never played the franchise.
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2 years ago#84
not really since i feel like it might be bad like the 2nd one
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2 years ago#85
I enjoyed dragon age origins, DA2 though.... Ehh I tried twice to finish the game. I always get so bored around maybe like chapter 4 or something. I just couldn't take roaming around the SAME city and SAME dungeons (you know, how they just had like 3 dungeon areas and then just closed off some paths and changed the route in the thinest veil to conceal it ever).

Not to mention the game was basically sidequest age but hardly ANY of the side quests were even remotely interesting.
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2 years ago#86
I'd forgotten it was even coming out tbh. The series isn't even on my radar really.
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2 years ago#87
NOBODY is excited. What the eff are you even ................. ah, ok, I see, you're just trolling!
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2 years ago#88
Me. Loved Origins, DA 2 wasn't horrible (lack of character creation, combat changes and reused art was a downer but I loved the story) but it's hardly a case to justify spending a large sum on this one. Not to mention my disgust over the ME series becoming more combat heavy as it went on. Since EA got it's hands on Bioware they simply don't make games I really want to play anymore.
2 years ago#89
I really enjoyed Origins and, Awakening but then DA2 completely killed the franchise for me.
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2 years ago#90
I'm not excited for anything related to Dragon Age. It does to its genre what Nintendo did to Mario and Square Enix did to Ivalice; emphasize and expand everything -not- good and sideline or abandon everything enjoyable or decent.
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