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Debating on buying an SSD! Is it worth it?

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  3. Debating on buying an SSD! Is it worth it?
11 months ago#21
Depends on how much your time is worth and your situation. During the school year I could only find about 15 minutes here or there to play a quick game. I wanted to play Battlefield 4 but the loading times were taking many minutes so that cut into my playing time. The SSD fixed that for me.
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11 months ago#22
Thanks for all the helpful feedback folks!
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11 months ago#23
It's one of those things that is a luxury at first. Then you get it and can't live without it.
11 months ago#24
THE_WTF_PANDA posted...
I'm looking at this one

I have the 1 TB of this. It is awesome.
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  3. Debating on buying an SSD! Is it worth it?

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