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Recommend me steam games.

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User Info: 32x2z

2 years ago#1
I'm mainly into RTS games, strategy, metroid/castlevania type games, kinda burnt out on FPS, and I don't mind side scrolling adventure games either if they're good and the controls handle well. What do you recommend me to play. My specs are in the signature below.
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User Info: Shiang

2 years ago#2
Metal Gear Solid.

The first is available on PC from Steam, I believe.
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User Info: TimePharaoh

2 years ago#3
mario kart

User Info: Dual-Shock3

2 years ago#4
Tropico 5

User Info: SpazH3d

2 years ago#5
Shiang posted...
Metal Gear Solid.

The first is available on PC from Steam, I believe.

You are mistaken.

I can't know what you have played, but XCOM is always fun.
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User Info: kcdobbins

2 years ago#6
X-Com: Enemy Within. I'd recommend getting the complete edition. The expansion does nothing but add to the strategy and variety that the game has.
FTL: Faster than Light. It is a fun little game, with quite a bit of playtime for the price.
Rogue Legacy is reasonably fun.
Castle Crashers is a blast. Basically a fantasy themed beat-em-up.
Civilization IV or V.
I hear good things about Guacamelee as a Metroidvania. Haven't played it yet myself.
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User Info: TowerBooks3192

2 years ago#7
Mount and Blade warband
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User Info: pothocket

2 years ago#8
Freedom Force 2 (I heard the first game has problems running and the second game plays exactly the same anyways)

FTL - second this

Transistor - very tactical/strategic action game. Can pause time and plan/execute moves

User Info: pwnater777

2 years ago#9


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User Info: Bane766

2 years ago#10
I like Shadowrun and it's expansion. I also recommend Terraria-it's a bit like minecraft, but more fun and better combat.

Trine 1 and 2 are beautiful games and are side scrollers with puzzles and some action.
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