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Divinity Original Sin, yay or nay?

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2 years ago#21
SuigintouEV posted...
This game looks like a blast. I really hope I get a chance to play it sometime soon. Right now though my PC isn't set up at a desk, so I can't be playing old-school keyboard and mouse RPGs. =(

Just use Xpadder and force the game to accept the superior controller of your choice.
2 years ago#22
I have 29 hours according to Steam, I'm level 9 and haven't even finished the first area yet. This game is incredible. The combat is awesome and every fight is a challenge. Magic is awesome, but so is my Ranger. Overall, this is seriously like one of the best RPGs ever. Not kidding. Its your classic CRPG with pretty graphics and flashy environmental spells.
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2 years ago#23
revolver posted...
A big, hearty YAY.
2 years ago#24
BendoHendo posted...
It's the best RPG of the past 10 years, and that's no hyperbole. This game could single handedly save computer role playing. I don't know why it's not already in your inventory.

2 years ago#25
2 years ago#26
I will jump into that camp too. Best cRPG in the last decade. Brilliant game.
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