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what is your gpu(s) in your gaming pc?

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User Info: PIITB415

2 years ago#101
R9 290X

User Info: Alesandros

2 years ago#102
EVGA gtx 780 Super Clocked in SLI
i7 4770k, Z87 Sabertooth, gtx 780 SLI, 32Gb RAM @ 1866Mhz, 500Gb 840-EVO, 1TB HDD, Corsair RM1000 & H100i, Cooler Master HAFX II CCW: S&W 629-6 .44 MAG

User Info: VideoGameBlitz

2 years ago#103
HD 7870, if i build a new computer today, i would go with a GTX 770.
2012 Rig: i5-2400 | HIS IceQ HD 7870 2GB | ASRock Z68 Ext3 Gen3

User Info: Lucavi000

2 years ago#104
Using a 2GB 660 until next year when the 800 series drops.

User Info: dormcaste

2 years ago#105
MSI GTX 580 SLI. One is a Lightning, other is Twin Frozr 2

User Info: sry_POS

2 years ago#106
HD 7950
|Intel i5 3570K|HIS Radeon HD 7950|16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600 RAM|Intel BOXDQ77MK MB|XFX Core 550W PSU|
XBL/PSN/Steam: corruptor5150

User Info: Merc123

2 years ago#107
750ti, got it for cheap. I can run games in 60fps at 1080p except probably the brand newest games. I am very happy with it but i can upgrade in the future if i want to.
3DS FC 1719-3711-0721
Gamertag - Brokeslimjim v3 / PSN - Brokeslimjim

User Info: EdgeofDarkness

2 years ago#108
EVGA 780ti with acx

User Info: jairusmonillas

2 years ago#109
EVGA GTX 650 2gb gddr5 cost me $180 1yr 4 months ago
PS4 GPU: 1152 GCN, 1.84 TFLOPS, 72 TMUs, 32 ROPs, 8GB gDDR5
XB1 GPU :: 768 GCN, 1.31 TFLOPS, 48 TMUs, 16 ROPs, 8GB DDR3+eSRAM

User Info: Robotron2084

2 years ago#110
EVGA GeForce GTX 770 4GB Dual Classified with ACX
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