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what is your gpu(s) in your gaming pc?

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User Info: darkus_f

2 years ago#81
GTX 750.
2DS: 0447-5073-6549 | Rig: i7-3770, 12GB, GTX750, 700W
NP: Pokemon Y, Super Street Fighter 4 AE, Mass Effect

User Info: Tkamui

2 years ago#82
GT 750M
3DS FC: 3582-9738-3050 Pokemon Y: Thiago
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User Info: WhatitdoB

2 years ago#83
EVGA SC 770 2GB. I was originally planning on picking a second one up, but with a couple games already pushing 3+ GB of VRAM, i am probably going to pick up a 780 6GB.
4670K @ 4.2 | H80i | 770 SC | Z87 Pro | Samsung 840 EVO 250GB

User Info: THEB0SS666

2 years ago#84
Gtx 660sc.
Moderators are filthy disgusting creatures.

User Info: tigerex777

2 years ago#85
i5 4670k @ 4.2ghz / 8GB DDR3 Ripjaws / GTX 770 SLI / Cooler Master GX 750W / Cooler Master CM 690 ADVANCE II case / Asus 24' 144hz / Gigabyte Z97X Gaming 7 mobo

User Info: GiSS88

2 years ago#86
6850. In desperate need of an upgrade, but I think I need a new PSU also. Hopefully next summer.
PSN: NoJ87
3DS: 3995-6590-2490 *PM if you add me // PokemonY, Gabite/Sliggo/Dragonair Safari

User Info: MaKhaos

2 years ago#87
Sapphire 7770
"TSA lady opened my bag and asked me about my Magic: The Gathering booster packs.
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User Info: pokechampion

2 years ago#88
Intel HD Graphics 3000 :v

but seriously, it's a Radeon HD 7950
Official Firaga of the Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy Board.
Steam Account: sephiroth_713

User Info: gwizzler

2 years ago#89
2x Radeon 7870 Myst Edition. Just about the same performance of a Titan (when XFire works properly of course)for $280.
"If the animals can find the strength, why can't we?" - Casey Foster

User Info: muskegon03

2 years ago#90
PSN: thegame2003 Steam: Mark Domination Origin: markdomination
NFL: Detroit Lions NBA: Detroit Pistons College Sports: Michigan
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