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Is Gtx 760 a worthy upgrade from 650

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2 years ago#1
As per subject, since i will upgrade soon. Or should i find better vga (with same price range of course)
2 years ago#2
It will offer a significant performance boost, there's no doubt about that.
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2 years ago#3
If I were you I would wait until the 800 series comes out to upgrade.
2 years ago#4
^Dunno if can't wait for gtx 800 series. Since i will only probably wait for gtx 860/850/850 ti when comes out, which might be released after 880/870. And the price might be out of range
2 years ago#5
Go for it, you will be happy with a 760
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2 years ago#6
^Thx man, will buy now. Hope will have a blast with it for watch dogs. I can't do much with gtx 650 for watch dogs.
2 years ago#7

I had a 560ti and upgraded to the 760, got an overclocked one. It's been a great improvement for the price. Best bang for your buck, and will have some longevity to it.
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2 years ago#8
Thx all, had bought 760 zotac today. Having lots of fun today, especially in watch dogs
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