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Best mate got given a PC from his school for free, troubles with everything.

#21MrBombasticaI(Topic Creator)Posted 7/6/2014 8:12:59 AM
R i c k posted...
Most modern mobos don't explicitly have a screen that tells you when to press a button to access the BIOS anymore. You just hold Delete or F-whatever as soon as the computer comes on and it will bring you there.

You probably don't need to mess with the BIOS, though. You just need to wipe the HDD which means booting to an OS install disk or using another computer, as said. You would only have to mess with the BIOS if it was password protected but since you're getting to the Windows login just fine, that's not an issue.

I doubt this mobo is very modern, it'd be older than my 2010 laptop and that has that button prompt. Yeah we can get to the login screen, it's just with the computers set up for the crappy school servers and stuff with no local accounts or anything, we can't log in at all
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