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So Metal Gear Rising sold very well on Steam...

#1luigi33Posted 7/6/2014 7:26:46 AM
Does this translate into people saying they want MGS5 for PC to Kojima? Because he did say if people want it, he'll bring MGS5 to PC.
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#2Sum_quod_erisPosted 7/6/2014 7:28:17 AM
More like people want MGR2.
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#3Killah PriestPosted 7/6/2014 7:29:28 AM
I want proper ports of all metal gears.
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#4DC07301981Posted 7/6/2014 7:32:29 AM
If every Metal Gear game got ported to PC I'd definitely give Konami my money, no question about it. That would be awesome to play through the series on PC.

I had every game on console and it's one of my beloved series of all time.
#5GunmaN1905Posted 7/6/2014 7:32:53 AM
Sum_quod_eris posted...
More like people want MGR2.


Ofc I want MGSV on PC, because as it looks now MGSV is the biggest reason why I'll have to get PS4.
#6Daz_man123Posted 7/6/2014 7:33:14 AM
I don't want it on PC. It would ruin the metal gear solid franchise.
#7ShadowThaReaperPosted 7/6/2014 7:35:21 AM
Kojima wants it on PC, so it will happen after the console release.
#8PhilOnDezPosted 7/6/2014 7:44:02 AM
I bought MGR, will buy MGR2 if it gets made, but I have no intention of ever buying another MGS. It's obvious there's some level of overlap between the games' audiences but it's definitely not 100%.

The only MGS I'd buy would be a straight remake of the first MGS, even something as close as Twin Snakes would be too far removed for me.
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#9LMTTNPosted 7/6/2014 7:44:55 AM
Kojima did announce that he is interested in putting The Phantom Pain on PC, and I'd much rather play it on PC than on my PS3.
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#10MyDogSkipPosted 7/6/2014 7:49:36 AM
I'd be a little annoyed that it's happening this late since I already bought Ground Zeroes on PS4, but I guess it'd be nice to have a better experience with the full game.
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