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Laptop question

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2 years ago#1
Hello all, I need to buy a laptop by the end of the week (so that means Amazon cause of prime or Best buy/staples cause I can pick them up), but I have no idea what to buy since there is a lot of garbage out there mixed in with decent computers around the same price. First and foremost, my budget is < $400, and my primary uses for my laptop would be HD videos/streaming, web browsing (good speeds, not interested in 10 minutes to load up gamefaqs), and some level of gaming (mainly RTS games like Age of empires 3, nothing close to Crysis or hardcore gaming). Thanks in advance.
2 years ago#2
Something to start you off with until someone (possibly) comes in and finds you a better deal:
Heres the same laptop but 30 bucks cheaper and refurbished, if you want:

Will no doubt handle AoE3 easily. And if you want it's also capable of handling more recent games(2011 or 2012 and below is my guess) at around low-medium settings. HD videos/web browsing should be fine.
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2 years ago#3
I was looking at that before, and the reviews didn't seem too stellar. You know when it comes to PC's I have no problem assessing them but with laptops they companies are so vague with the specs its hard to tell what's good and what's not.
2 years ago#4

This would do what you want it to. Not sure about AOE 3 though. It should be fine running it.
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