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Nvidia has done it again!! Upgrade to titan or else!

#11MyDogSkipPosted 7/8/2014 3:52:49 PM
Jinchuse posted...
snkboi posted...
gta5 is going to s*** all over watch dogs and run perfect on 3gb cards, which is 780 and 280x

LOL People are forgetting how sh**** of a port GTA IV was. I get way better frames in Watch Dogs than I do in GTA with a 780ti, and thats an improvement from the launch state where people with high end rigs were struggling to match console quality.

People make the mistake of turning all the settings in GTA IV all the way up when there's no reason to. You end up rendering something like half of the city at once, and it kills performance.
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#12uped145Posted 7/8/2014 3:53:25 PM
Does TC work for Nvidia and this is all some clever marketing ploy?