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What resolution do you normally play at?

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1 year ago#61
... I play games at 1600x900 usually at 30fps on my NVidia GeForce 630M.
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1 year ago#62
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1 year ago#63

got my computer at the worst possible time a few months before intel released the i3/i5/i7 series.

It wasn't meant to be a gaming machine, just a reasonable computer.

2.34 ghz intel quad core cpu
4gb of ram
1tb HD (bought a much better external)
original gpu was replaced by a 6670 and more recently by a 750 ti, since the psu doesn't have a 6 pin connector and is less than 350w.

It still runs most games on very high/ultra, granted I just play wow, diablo III, league, and a few older action/rpg's from the early/mid 2000's like dragon age series, mass effect series, the witcher 2, KOTOR 1 and 2, stuff like that.

Most newer games I'll buy for PS4, X1, Ps3, or 360.
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1 year ago#64
2560x1440 @120hz on a 27" monitor.

luv dim korean displays
1 year ago#65
640x320 master race
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1 year ago#66
TV 640x480i50/60hz
PC 1400x1050p60hz
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1 year ago#67
3840 x 2160
j/k, 1920x1200
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1 year ago#68
1920x1080 if I have to do it fullscreen, preferably borderless fullscreen. Otherwise I end up bumping it down to 1600x900 and running in a window.
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1 year ago#69
1 year ago#70
1080p but I can prob play at 1440p without issues on my 780, just like getting 100 fps in most games and don't have the monitor.
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