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What resolution do you normally play at?

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User Info: Marikhen

2 years ago#71
Meh. I'm stuck with 1440x900 because that's the best my 19" monitor supports. If I multi-box I've got another running at 1440x900 and one at 1280x1024. If my TV still worked it'd be a tossup between its native 1024x768 and 1280x1024 on it too.
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User Info: Damaged7

2 years ago#72

1080p doesn't seem that important to me. This is fine for the rig I got.
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User Info: MC RaZaR

2 years ago#73
1920 x 1080
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User Info: king_gimpy

2 years ago#74
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User Info: Kharillle

2 years ago#75
1680x1050 Not sure, think my tv doesn't do the 1920 thing....

User Info: EdgeofDarkness

2 years ago#76
3440x1440 master race
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