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Your goty 2014 so far?

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User Info: samurai1900

2 years ago#11
Age of Wonders III here too, it has been far too long since such a blast has been released.
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User Info: Sk0rbut

2 years ago#12
AlleRacing posted...
Divinity: Original Sin so far.
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User Info: Xantose161

2 years ago#13
Mine is Dark Souls 2, with Divinity:OS and Transistor right behind it. I expect to hopefully have Civ: Beyond Earth be my top game this year when it comes out.
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User Info: Xatrion

2 years ago#14
Shovel Knight. That, or Metal Gear Rising.
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User Info: MyDogSkip

2 years ago#15
Probably Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Shovel Knight and Mario Kart 8 are worth mentioning, though.
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User Info: Hagan

2 years ago#16
Titanfall is a lot of fun with the parkour mechanic's, and divinity OS is a great RPG. I'd probably give it Titanfall though, its a casual game that I can just sit back and enjoy and a long day of work and grad school. I play on PC

Though I expect the console GOTY to go to Destiny, with the PC GOTY going to Civ Beyond Earth
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User Info: mkil5

2 years ago#17
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User Info: JonWood007

2 years ago#18
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User Info: HighOnPhazon

2 years ago#19
AlleRacing posted...
Divinity: Original Sin so far.
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User Info: Boge

2 years ago#20
For PC? Wow. Nothing is even worth yeah, I don't think I'll even mention the next best thing.

Actually, nothing for consoles either. I'm a Mario Kart fan, so I'd maybe really enjoy that one, but I haven't played it. I think I still need one more great game for Wii U before I pull the trigger, that, or they need to drop to like $250.
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