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Multiplayer Games

#1KineticxSoulPosted 7/11/2014 9:36:37 PM
Can anyone recommend some fun multiplayer games?

Right now I only have my laptop and it is basically a toaster with wifi.
I can play Diablo II and it runs fine, but after about an hour the fan is screaming like an obese guy on a treadmill with no off button... So my hardware is not that great right now. I'm not looking for anything super amazing, just something fun and simple that I can play with friends.
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#2shmirlywhirlPosted 7/11/2014 9:40:31 PM
Nidhogg for sure. Maybe Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theater.
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#3KineticxSoul(Topic Creator)Posted 7/11/2014 10:04:07 PM(edited)
Oh yeah, nice!

looks like Steam has the Can't Stop Laughing Bundle w/ Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theater for $24.99! Thanks for the recommendations.

What about more along the lines of MMOs though...?

EDIT: Actually I think I'm gonna check out 8BitMMO. That looks pretty interesting and low-maintenance as far as hardware goes.
Study shows haters are, in fact, going to hate.