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Best games to play while drunk?

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2 years ago#21
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2 years ago#22
Any competitive multiplayer game with online capabilities. Try League of Legends, nice folks
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2 years ago#23
Personally, PS3: call of duty black ops 2 online.

My favorite though is NHL 14 online co-op!

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2 years ago#24
Saints Row series
Beat Hazard
Mortal Kombat 9 on Test Your Luck
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2 years ago#25
Honestly I've had fun playing Dark Souls drinking, as weird as that is.
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2 years ago#26
Go to sleep, you are likely to have a lucid dream.
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2 years ago#27
Warioware smooth moves
2 years ago#28
Minecraft is my go to game when i'm high.

I haven't really played to many games drunk though.
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2 years ago#29
Any of the Elder Scrolls games.
Herp-a derp
2 years ago#30
A driving game, obviously.
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