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Best games to play while drunk?

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2 years ago#31
Like i've said before

Track Mania Canyon...but after the steam sale I picked up Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and it's amazing to play drunk.
2 years ago#32
Counter Strike
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2 years ago#33
am i the only one who doesn't really like playing games when i'm drunk? only exceptions being mindless online games like halo or cod with some friends, and that's very rarely. now games you can drink to, that's a different story...
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2 years ago#34
FTL or Goat Simulator?
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2 years ago#35
It's console, but I swear to high hell that Anarchy Reigns after some shots was the most amazing game ever. Shame that Sega completely sandbagged it. :(
2 years ago#36
Definitely Audiosurf.

Or Catherine if you're just slightly buzzed. It's got the right atmosphere.
2 years ago#37
Lemur_H posted...
Blobs_ posted...
Kinect games

This would be fun if the Kinect actually worked reliably.

That's partly the point.
is haha
2 years ago#38
Goat Simulator
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2 years ago#39
Geometry Wars 1 and.2
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2 years ago#40
Surgeon Simulator
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