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Would you get an SSD as a main drive?

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2 years ago#31
blastprocessing posted...
I SSD'd everything

Enjoy your inevitable cell degradations/leakages and suddenly dying controllers, kiddo.

Only one top-tier SSD for OS while everything else being stored on enterprise-grade HDDs in RAID+several external HDDs for backups-god
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2 years ago#32
I would If I could get a TB one for like 80 bucks or less
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2 years ago#33
When they get cheaper I fully plan on getting a 500gb-1tb SSD.
2 years ago#34
SSD's don't have a huge impact on gaming - not even load times for most games. You probably don't need 500GB of SSD space.
2 years ago#35
Have. 180gb ssd for my main drive. Wish I had atleast a 256gb, but whatever. I have a mechanical as well which is used for pic, vids, and some games.
2 years ago#36
I like it on my macbook. But my SSD on my PC is about useless, since I never turn my PC off and pretty much only use it for games. There's almost no performance increase from it.
2 years ago#37
I use my SSD strictly for my 8.1 install.
2 years ago#38
Yep, I just got my first SSD a few months ago because they are now big enough and cheap enough to get enough space to use as my main drive. I went with a 500GB Samsung 840 EVO hard drive and couldn't be happier for $260. I don't have to worry about annoying install paths or anything and 500GB is plenty for me for the games I play.
2 years ago#39
I plan to have a server set up when I get done with school, so I'll probably have the largest SSD possible as my primary drive for my gaming computer and then maybe a 1TB as a secondary, if only to leave as much space as possible on the SSD for fast booting and virtual memory. The storage on the server(or maybe a NAS) will likely use SATA in a RAID 5 setup.
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2 years ago#40
I have a TB ssd as my main OS drive. I use it for my games too. I have other HDs for everything else. I hardly see loading screens in games. SSD is the way to go for gaming.
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