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In your opinion what has been the best RPG this last decade?

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User Info: blastprocessing

2 years ago#51
Despite it's flaws, Dragons Dogma was my game. It still boggles my mind how this never made it's way to PC considering Capcom, for the last 5-6 years, was releasing nearly everything multiplatform including PC as well.
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User Info: Tkmajing

2 years ago#52
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion(Modded PC version)
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User Info: BaconPancakes

2 years ago#53
Demon's Souls.
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User Info: Radar

2 years ago#54
Cool_Dude667 posted...
Nemerlight posted...
Skyrim and New Vegas.

If you couldn't mod skyrim, would you still choose it?

I always felt it was bland and had little to no character progression without 100+ mods to fill in the gaps

^This. Played Skyrim when it came out, almost unplayable unless you play how they want you to.

User Info: greywolf00

2 years ago#55
In the last decade I'd have to say Fallout New Vegas with a nod to The Witcher (the first one not the action combat QTE one) and DA:O though I'm sure Divinity Original Sin will be in the conversation soon.

User Info: APanasonicYouth

2 years ago#56
Fallout: NV
Dark Souls
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User Info: MantraChamploo

2 years ago#57
Mother 3

User Info: MrDietSoda

2 years ago#58
I'm very, very partial to Skyrim, but I have to go with VtM:B. Such a fantastic game that really gets to the meat of what RPGs are all about: meaningful decisions.
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User Info: fakewars

2 years ago#59
Persona 3
Radiant Historia
Suikoden V
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User Info: sanjeust

2 years ago#60
Knights of the Old Republic
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  3. In your opinion what has been the best RPG this last decade?

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