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In your opinion what has been the best RPG this last decade?

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  3. In your opinion what has been the best RPG this last decade?

User Info: chandl34

2 years ago#71
Too bad you didn't say 11 years-- I could say Gothic 2. Mount & Blade it is. Honorable mention to Mother 3, for JRPGs.
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User Info: BIast

2 years ago#72
Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door. I've played so many RPGs this past decade but none of them evoked pure joy like Paper Mario 2 did for me.
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User Info: Cool_Dude667

2 years ago#73
CelesEsperIce3 posted...
This entire thread explains why the RPG genre is dying a slow painful death. Literally nothing good came out in the last decade, and everything listed has been mediocre crap at best. I long for the days when RPGs were plentiful and everyone of them was awesome in its own way.

It's like they released corvettes, mustangs, ferraris, and porches, and then said awesome lets make some pintos, chevettes, station wagons, and gremlins and call them improvements...

you sound like an extremely bitter person, feel free to retort with actual games and not just your incessant whining.
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User Info: Parmpreet001

2 years ago#74
Valkyria Chronicles? No? Anyone? Just me...

User Info: justchill433

2 years ago#75
Kingdom Hearts (Has it been more than 10 years since this came out?)

EDIT: Ok, seeing as KOTOR and Kingdom Hearts are both too old I guess I'd say Demon's Souls, with TWEWY, Rogue Galaxy, and Valkyria Chronicles as close runner ups.
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User Info: BIast

2 years ago#76
Parmpreet001 posted...
Valkyria Chronicles? No? Anyone? Just me...

Post 28 had it. Awesome game. Definitely in my top 5.
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2 years ago#77
BaconPancakes posted...
Demon's Souls.

User Info: USF

2 years ago#78
The Witcher 2 for me. It was just amazing.
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User Info: Twindragonfang

2 years ago#79
Hmm I think Dragon Age: Origins, possibly Mass Effect 1. Both of those games I enjoyed just so so much.

User Info: Chargrilled

2 years ago#80
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  3. In your opinion what has been the best RPG this last decade?

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