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need help troubleshooting BSOD.

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2 years ago#1
got it while watching a streaming video

STOP: 0x00000124 BSOD


asus gtx 770. clock is @ 1260 MHz, max voltage is 1200 mV, memory clock is 8000 MHz and GPU max is 79 degrees C. i've played games fine like watch_dogs (ultra + worse mod) and plants vs zombies... my GPU gets nvidia driver crashes occasionally while i alt tab and a game is running in the background.

my CPU OC is 4.5GHz @ 1.3 V. it's a i5-2500k.

temps are fine (certainly not high enough for a bsod) and i've run prime95 small fft test no problem.

so i tried running some more stress/stability tests with prime95... small fft tests didn't seem to give it any fits. THEN i ran the blend test and it crashed within <5 minutes. i checked my BIOS settings for RAM and they are rated @ stock voltages and speeds. my gut feeling is that it's my RAM though. i don't think it's the best brand or model.

might run memtest86?

here is a link to my minidump!1881&authkey=!AGIPmyupVdEu3f4&ithint=file%2c.dmp
2 years ago#2
I'd run memtest, if it's fine then your CPU overclocker is not stable.
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2 years ago#3
just did some prime95 blend tests, it crashed every single time. the small fft tests did not. is it my memory?
2 years ago#4
right now i went back to default settings and doing a prime95 blend test with one of the memory sticks. if it passes for an hour or so, then i'll switch to the other stick...
2 years ago#5
first memory stick seems ok

if the 2nd is ok, then it might be a problem with my CPU overclock...
2 years ago#6

that's my RAM
2 years ago#7
Open the dump with windbg, it's in the Windows SDK/ADK.
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2 years ago#8
i have seen the dump with bsod viewer.

so i tested each ram stick individually but that was on stock cpu settings and everything passed while i tried to get it to BSOD. of course it didn't run through the same # of tests that an OC CPU would so i'm not sure that's the best test.

i changed the DRAM frequency to AUTO in my BIOS and now i am re doing blend tests. i also changed the physical slots the RAM stick was on. one of them was extremely close to the CPU heatsink/fan. i think they were touching so i'm wondering if the stick might have overheated. unlikely but you never know.
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