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Let's talk about saving in video games

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1 year ago#1
Thanks to all our D:OS talk, I was reminded of the STUPIDEST thing I've ever heard of related to gamers.

And that is ... people who don't frequently save. OR THE WORST KIND OF SIN; people who rely only on auto saves.

How the hell do these people exist? They all must be 12 years old or else they would have learned their lesson by now. I learned this when I was playing FFX and acidentally wiped my friends 80 hour save game.

Worst part is you get these less-than-intelligent people complaining!!! "Waaaah wahhh I played for two hours and the game crashed and OMG I lost all my progess :("

Good! you deserve that for being so obtuse you didn't even save once during that time.
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1 year ago#2
I agree. How dare gamers not hold on to obsessive-compulsive habits that haven't been relevant for decades. Clearly: they are worse than pedophiles.
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-Char Aznable
1 year ago#3
I only do the "Save every 5 seconds" thing when it's a Buggy piece of s*** Bethesda game.... If it's stable and I don't have to worry, I just save normally.

As for auto-saves, some save every 5 minutes for me. I don't care about potentially losing 5 minutes worth of work....unless it's a buggy piece of s*** Bethesda game where I can't even advance 5 minutes.
1 year ago#4
Bethesda and pcb go hand in hand
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1 year ago#5
I dont mind autosaves if manual save is available and have multiple slots.
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1 year ago#6
Wow, tc has issues.

Look man, modern game design is what it is. Not losing progress because the game crashed is a GOOD thing. Forcing that responsibility on the player is a BAD thing. I want to play with the game, not against it
1 year ago#7
I remember my friend playing a game, can't remember what it was but it had quick save. I told my friend "why don't you save more? Just hit F5, it's one key" and he replies "meh". Then he's hit with a CTD and stopped playing the game because he would have to replay 1 hour segment of the game.
1 year ago#8
Forever Shadowed is quickly climbing the ranks of worst PCH posters.

So um, congrats.
1 year ago#9
checkpoint saves and one slot profiles need to die along with the casuals that rely on them.

it's the only place where rocksteady has completely fumbled the ball with their batman games: you can only experience things once which means they'll end up creating amazing scenarios or battles only to force you to restart all over from the beginning if you want to replay that same scenario.
PC hardware doesn't need to match console hardware in price when PC gamers save literal thousands from the software they buy.
1 year ago#10
I save like every 5 minutes.

Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out on an experience because that ends up tying into save-scumming in games like XCom.
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