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Nvidia Shield 2 leaked?*Pic*

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2 years ago#31
This is a total waste. The Shield 1 is one of the snazziest devices I've ever owned.

I might buy the controller and hook it up to my PC though.
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2 years ago#32
And all 2 people that bought the original Shield will care I suppose?
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2 years ago#33
No, people who like tablets and want an even powerful one that has official gamestreaming(Which is>>>>>>>>Splashtop THD, Kainy), will care.That's part of why it's a tablet in the first place, to not only function as a good one and appeal to the tablet guys , but still be able to stream PC and other games onto the device. While also having a bigger screen for gamestreaming

unless you dont care about tablets in general, are against nvidia, prefer the original shield design, and whatever, no reason for you to be against this, since the design is drastically different from that of the original, which * you people* bashed. The original shield suffered from a small 5inch screen, terrible d-pad, and deadzoning. With this you get the benefits of a tablet, and the option of your own personal controller or attachment. win win situation
2 years ago#34
WhySoMean posted...
prefer the original shield design

Yeah, see, that's kind of why I bought the Shield 1.
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2 years ago#35
I like the Gen 2 more.
No more gimped screen or gimped controller
2 years ago#36
Happy I bought a gen 1 Shield a few weeks back. Already have an iPad and no real desire for a tablet+controller combo.
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2 years ago#37

I actually like the design of the original shield and found it unique. The fact that its now a tablet with front facing speakers (like seriously why do tablet makers do this?!? 99 % of people put there hands there and thus obstruct the speakers) makes me less interested.
2 years ago#38
The point is as a streaming device, it really has no purpose. If you're near enough to your PC that you can stream to a tablet, just sit at your PC.

If it's a great tablet that's nice, but its primary purpose seems moot.
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2 years ago#39
Streaming isn't "moot" at all, especially in this age. Being able to stream from anywhere in your house is a plus. Just because it's useless to you, doesn't mean other people can't find uses for it. It's also why people like the idea of PS4-Vita remote play. Yes, you can play games on your PS4, but there is the added bonus of not being stuck to your TV or monitor screen. Being able to play games in other rooms, and not being restricted.Being able to play PS4 games on a portable . With the main flaws of PS4 remoteplay the fact that it has a 30 fps cap, more latency, and no proper L2/R2 buttons or Triggers

The shield on the other hand allows you to gamestream at 60fps, less latency, and it has the proper sticks, along with streaming PC, emu's like dolphin, and even PS3 games much better than how the Vita handles it(assuming you have a capture card and cronus max) With this tablet, you now have the option of third party controller attachments, or using your own controller if you dont like the shield design.

As well as being able to play outside your home via streaming, which was added months ago. For people who don't want to be restricted to one particular room or their house, streaming is viable and not "moot".
2 years ago#40
wow wtf. Original shield owner here and very disappointed. Why? b/c IT'S NO LONGER PORTABLE. It's like another tablet which is fine but they totally jumped the shark. It's like a completely diff product. They shouldn't have used the same name.
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