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5.1 optical audio Headset recommendations

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User Info: flySaber

2 years ago#1
Hey all.

I want to replace my Turtle Beach COD Black Ops 2 x-Ray headset. I bought it because it was on discount and had true 5.1 with an optical audio input. They sound phenomenal. I only want to replace then because they are wireless and are starting to cut out frequently get static-y.

I am looking for a replacement headset that has true 5.1 and connects to the optical output on my motherboard. I'm having trouble finding ones that are true 5.1 and not wireless. I need a wired set. It will be used on my PC exclusively.

Any recommendations are appreciated. I'd prefer to keep it under 200 but I will consider anything if it's worth the price.

Thanks for the help!

User Info: reincarnator07

2 years ago#2
Get a nice stereo headset with virtual surround. You only need 2 speakers for surround on a headset.
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User Info: datopgamer

2 years ago#3
I personally use a pair of sennheiser pc 360, but they are discontinued now and replaced with sennheiser game one. You can get them for around $200 right now. It's about the best you can get in a gaming headset. After that there are buying separate headphones and a clip on mic which most people are going to recommend you doing. As for connecting through optical, the game one connects through 3.5mm. If you need virtual surround, a lot of new motherboards support virtual surround but if not you can always use the razer software. Not sure how good it really is as I only used it a few times on my laptop.
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User Info: WerdnAndreW

2 years ago#4
You won't get surround from pc games using optical unless your sound card has dolby digital live or dts interactive.
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