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PC gamers what tablets do ya prefer Android, Windows 8, or iOS?

#21kingoffpsPosted 7/20/2014 8:07:43 AM
I use iOS because I like the build quality of my ipad 3. The software is needlessly restrictive and horrible to use though. Jailbreaking is a must but is definitely a pain still. I will switch to android when their hardware measures up.
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#22MaxCHEATER64Posted 7/20/2014 9:09:33 AM
I like the windows OS better, Windows 8 was built for tablets and it works on tablets.

But a rooted android device offers far more user control than a windows tablet could.

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#23Saga3Posted 7/20/2014 9:15:03 AM
Windows for working

Apple for entertainment.

Android tablets are horrible, it runs terribly on them first of all and it looks like a giant unprofessional mess. Unless things have changed since Jellybean..
#24ChromaticAngelPosted 7/20/2014 9:16:29 AM
Saga3 posted...
Windows for working

Apple for entertainment.

Android tablets are horrible, it runs terribly on them first of all and it looks like a giant unprofessional mess. Unless things have changed since Jellybean..

Jellybean was years ago man. like, the original Galaxy Tab ran Jellybean.
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#25cody4783Posted 7/20/2014 9:38:28 AM(edited)
ChromaticAngel posted...
Jellybean was years ago man. like, the original Galaxy Tab ran Jellybean.

Jellybean revisions lasted from Mid-2012 to Mid-2013, with KitKat not being pushed until late 2013...

Granted it's not exactly new, but it was only about a year ago they were still using that name/version numbering.

Edit: Still trying to track down where Google's actual graphs were (Dunno why I'm having difficulty...), but here's one tracker that shows Android version market share (Double derp edit: NoScript was hiding the graph and I didn't notice)

56.5% of devices are running Jelly Bean, 17.9% running KitKat

And another graph, with slightly different polling and/or a different timeframe:

60.2% of devices are running Jelly Bean...With 16% running the newer KitKat
#26TehPwnzererPosted 7/20/2014 9:54:49 AM
I've only ever used an android smartphone, so I can't speak for tablets. I've never owned one. Never saw the purpose. I always thought of them as oversized smartphones without any of the call features. Didn't make much sense to me. Same with the iOS for that matter. The UIs are very much android/iphone UI and I can't shake the feeling that they don't belong on oversized plates.

Windows on the other hand I think I would be very interested in if I were to ever get a tablet. The power of a full Windows OS that I could work on while on the move is a very appealing idea. I think having the power of Windows in a tablet form makes a lot more sense when it comes tablets in general. Thing is, I'm always thinking, if I'm going to have a windows tablet, why not get a convertible laptop like the yoga or Sony Vaio flip?
#27Enigma149Posted 7/20/2014 10:33:09 AM(edited)
For tablets? iOS.

Look, as an operating system, Android is probably better, and Windows 8 is far beyond both. But iOS has far more apps than Android has for tablets, and even more good apps. It doesn't help matters when the vast, vast majority of Android tablets are either a) really cheap (and not in a good way), or b) have some sort of custom skin causing the entire thing to become a bigger, crashier, laggier mess than it already is (being completely fair, iOS and Windows crash and lag, too - just not, in my experience, to the extent android does). Meanwhile, Windows 8's app selection is still minimal (though, as I understand, better than Android in pure quantity), and while the ability to run desktop applications is something fantastic, 99% of them can't be run well (or at all) on a touchscreen.

Having said that, I don't have an iPad, nor do I plan on buying one soon. The only thing I could ever see myself buying a tablet for is an ebook reader, and I'm not going to buy ebooks until the whole mess surrounding them is cleared up.

I should add that I really like how the iPad uses a 4:3 aspect ratio and the SP3 a 3:2 one, both of which seem perfect for tablets. For some reason, android tablets all seem to have 16:10 (or, worse yet, 16:9) aspect ratios. These may be nice for TVs and computer screens, but can be very unwieldy in a tablet, being too wide in landscape and too narrow in portrait. I have seen android tablets with 4:3 screens, but they were all the dirt-cheap $100 tablets that aren't even worth looking at.
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#28PraetorXynPosted 7/20/2014 12:41:22 PM
Tablets are the one instance where iOS would be worth considering. The sole reason for this is that Apple forces developers to make separate versions of apps for the iPad, so the interface and image are optimized for it and there's no scaling, stretching, etc.

I would probably still go Android. I had an iPad loaned to me by my client for a couple of months and played Magic: The Gathering on it a lot. I haven't used an Android tablet, and I'm waiting for a Nexus 10 refresh before I get one.
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#29Orestes417Posted 7/20/2014 12:45:37 PM
iOS devices are the most polished products, but Android can be fun if you're a tinkerer. As for Windows... unless we're talking x86 hardware it's not even worth mentioning and even then I'd be tempted to scrap the OS and install a Linux distro to have a useful tool.
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#30akuma634Posted 7/20/2014 4:07:21 PM(edited)
I've never tried a Windows tablet. I have tried the iPad and I think it's way too restricted and they make you jump through hoops to add anything to it. If you want music or e-books that aren't bought from iTunes, then you'll spend a while trying to figure out how to funnel your content in through iTunes on your computer. Not to mention the constant computer updates to iTunes. You can't even drag and drop content in or see the tablet's folders.

I have an ASUS Transformer and it's everything I wanted. I can plug it into my computer, and simply drag and drop files on. No hassles or BS. Android doesn't jerk you around. Also it's great having the option for SD cards to expand the memory. My tablet has 64gbs internally and I have another 64gb card for even more storage. With an iPad, you buy one size and you live with it.
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