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Turns Out No One Wants Those 8-inch Windows Tablets

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11 months ago#11
Born Lucky posted...
SampsonM posted...
You're just wrong, really.

Yet you don't say one thing to prove it.

Which of those things was I wrong about?

Again: Please tell me the last major x86 application that was released? The Chrome browser?

Meanwhile, multiple, multi-billion dollar mobile apps have been released in the last five years -- Instagram, Snapchat, Open Table, Uber, Waze, etc. etc.

EDIT: Can also arguably add in websites that work better as mobile apps and get used more often that way. In that case, Facebook, Pandora, Spotify, Yelp, Groupon among many others can be added to this list.
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11 months ago#12
Born Lucky posted...
More portable? If laptops are too big and heavy for you .. . man, I don't know what to say about that

Laptops are too bulky to comfortably use on the couch and in bed. And if you start streaming videos they tend to get a lot hotter than tablets as well.

Born Lucky posted...
Battery life? I plug the laptop in at a hotel, and I don't sit in the backseat when the car is moving. . . . because I'm the one driving.

So basically you think battery life isn't important for anyone? There are a lot more uses for portable computing devices than just to take them to hotel rooms.

Born Lucky posted...
One hand? I prefer keyboard

A keyboard is clunky and useless for media consumption on the couch.
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11 months ago#13
Holy christ dude, can you really not comprehend how someone could enjoy sitting on a couch and browsing the internet while watching tv?
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11 months ago#14
I really want a SP3 but the prices make me hesitant. The lower end prices aren't so bad for a tablet/laptop hybrid, but each tiny upgrade costs too much - the higher end SP3 has the same value as two or more high end ultrabooks!
11 months ago#15
I have a Nexus 7. Love it so much.
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