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Should I buy my PC parts new or used?

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User Info: Cool_Dude667

2 years ago#11
I would never pay 200+ for a refurbished item, its not worth the risk at that monetary point IMO
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User Info: DC07301981

2 years ago#12
I'd never buy electronics used, as I've had a few bad experiences with buying used consoles and them malfunctioning or not working after a few days. You don't know how the previous owner treated it and the reason why they are putting it up for sale.

Maybe refurbished I would probably take a chance at if it was sold by a reputable company or website with a warranty and return refund if it breaks, but I would personally never buy a video card or something like that from eBay or Amazon that's been used.

User Info: Bowm4080

2 years ago#13
Alrighty then, new it is. Thanks for the answers :D
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User Info: Flakcon

2 years ago#14
I mostly buy things used but being in a small country, you can always test out the stuff before agreeing to pay and bringing it home.

My I5 3570k + ASUS Z87 pro board, GTX 780 and 1250W PSU are all 2nd hand. I bought WII and my PS3 for dirt cheap too. The PS3 was "spoilt" but it was just the HDD being corrupt. For 120$, I couldn't pass.
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