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Name some video game soundtracks you listen to

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User Info: deadlyaces777

2 years ago#31
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User Info: codyorr

2 years ago#32
CC Franchise

User Info: Wendys_Kitsuke

2 years ago#33
Mega man Zero
Mega man Zero 2
Mega man Zero 3
Mega man Zero 4
Mega man Zero Mythos

Mega man ZX
Mega man ZX Advent
Mega man ZX Tunes
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User Info: LyokoNinja

2 years ago#34
Mainly Golden Sun and Umineko no Naku Koro ni. Sometimes I'll listen to some Persona 3 tracks.

The Dark Spire's OST doesn't get enough love, too. I wish I could find more games with their soundtracks composed by the same person, but I can't even find a name.
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User Info: leon_trunks

2 years ago#35
TehPwnzerer posted...
Tot this day. no soundtrack has immersed me into a world more than Deus Ex Human Revolution. It was the perfect orchestral work for a cyberpunk dystopia.

QFT! Amazing soundtrack indeed!

User Info: Snadados

2 years ago#36
Jet Set Radio / Future
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User Info: LOLIAmAnAlt

2 years ago#37
I've had Bit Brigade's Mega Man 2 soundtrack in my car for the past week or two

User Info: Azardea

2 years ago#38
Punch out wii, No More Heroes 1 &2, monster girl quest, certain pokemon OSTs, and others.
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User Info: Digital_S

2 years ago#39
Dynasty Warriors
Final Fantasy
Streets of Rage
Delta Force Land Warrior menu music
Battlefield 2 loading screen music
Deus Ex
Morrowind and Oblivion (Will not play Skyrim)
Valkyria Chronicles

Several others that I can't remember right now.

User Info: Ningishzida

2 years ago#40
the_dracolich posted...
Age of Empires
Baldur's Gate
Baldur's Gate II
Diablo I
Diablo II
Dungeon Siege
Heroes of Might & Magic 3
Heroes of Might & Magic 4 (I like the music, the game... not so much)
Half-Life 2
Icewind Dale 2
Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader
The Witcher

Not a bad list, though the violins in Arcanum can cause one to fill the bathtub while rummaging around for razor blades.

Witcher 1 and Diablo 1/2 music is... awesome.

Also, IWD2 but not IWD1? Surely you jest.

I'll just add Deus Ex, Planescape: Torment and Fallout 1/2.
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