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Has a game company ever broke your heart?

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2 years ago#161
Sega :(
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2 years ago#162
Metroid Other M broke my heart, especially since I played right after the Prime trilogy.
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2 years ago#163
Megaman Legend 3... Apparently the fans didn't support it enough... :( **** you Capcom.
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2 years ago#164
Capcom...... Mega Man.....
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2 years ago#165
Sega, many many times, but I keep coming back
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2 years ago#166
"Broken heart" is a little dramatic, I think.

"Disappointed" might be more in line with reality.

Interplay selling out to consoles was pretty bad.

Troika's demise was bad.

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2 years ago#167
Sierra Online

Make the most awesome AVP experience ever then hold on to the property rights so no one can remake after they go belly up. Finally release it to Gearbox and it's complete garbage.
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2 years ago#168
Would Four Leaf Studios count?They broke my heart with many feels.
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2 years ago#169
MallyPureSmooth posted...
BaconPancakes posted...
Arn544 posted...
SonyHoundDawg posted...
None. I don't get that emotionally attached to a game or game company.

Also Square sucked ever since the SNES era FF stopped. FF7 and beyond get undeserved credit because they were many babys first RPG's.

All though compared to some recent crap like FF13, 7 is probably a master piece compared.

Lol, FF7 was harder than FF6 in difficulty.

Final Fantasy VI was more difficult. It didn't hold your hand.

Yeah, VI is a bit more challenging. Although, that really isn't saying much, because VI is still one of the easier games in the series.


I prefer the majority of VII over VI anyways.
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2 years ago#170
Bethesda for making the abomination that is Oblivion. Oh, and kinda Skyrim too, but it had already gone downhill then
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