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Which PC is better?

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2 years ago#1


Please look at all the specs on both, it would help me big time, because idk which is the better choice. I just want to know which of these two PC's is better, not that I should build a PC and order parts separately.
Im opposite of a care bear
2 years ago#2
I notice the first one has a really good graphics card and processor, but has a low watt power supply and the second one has double the ram and HDD with a big watt power supply, but not a very good graphics card.
Im opposite of a care bear
2 years ago#3
The 2nd one is far better for gaming.
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2 years ago#4
One has an Nvidia card, one doesn't.

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2 years ago#5
Thankyou both of you.

I'm looking for a few more opinions.
Im opposite of a care bear
2 years ago#6
The better one is...
It has a better cpu and graphic card for gaming, but that psu seems like a misprint because I don't a 350w would be enough to power all that.
If you do like that pc than it is cheaper at Walmart. It is about $162 less, and Walmart has free shipping so that will save you atleast another $20. You could save $182 if you buy it from
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