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Poll : Will you pledge if Larian Studios kickstarts the next Divinity cRPG ?

#21MasterTurtlePosted 7/22/2014 9:00:38 PM
Nah, Divinity is fun but not a game I like enough to throw money at before it's even made.

Also they're probably technically indie but it's hard to think of them as such when their budget is $4m+
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#22TheMoonJumperPosted 7/22/2014 9:27:53 PM
CheeseIsSoFat posted...
With Larian Studios already making a name for themselves with the ultra succesful , GOTY bound Divinity : Original Sin, RPG fanboys and certain publishers are now paying close attention to this Belgium based INDIE studio with it's founder Swen Vincke confirmed he received offers to buy said studio.

It might be awhile yet until we see that happen, knowing well that Larian Studios doesnt make harsh decisions.

That said, what if LS decides to KICKSTART another Divinity RPG yet again in the near future and that is a huge possibility due to the fact how well the crowdfunding project did for the success of possibly the best cRPG of all the time and well beyond.

Will you pledge once again? or for those who didnt pledge for D:OS and has since realized what a true beauty of an RPG Divinity : Original Sin is , will you pledge for the 1st time ever to support Larian Studios' next big thing ?

P/S : Oh btw, i'm saving up money as of now so i can maximum pledge and have dinner with Swen Vincke.

Why can't they use all the money they're gonna make off this game to make their own game?

It's sad that people have to fund these games. Whats next? Are they gonna make us create the game as well?
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